Country Hills Veterinary Hospital

Dog Spay Aftercare

Your dog will need a bit of special care for the next few days to prevent any post-operative complications or discomfort.

  • Your dog has had abdominal surgery today and will need to take it easy for 5-7 days. Please do not allow jumping or rough play during that time.
  • She has absorbable sutures which are under the skin, so you may only see a small suture knot on one end of the incision. A small amount of redness at the incision site and a small amount of drainage, clear to red-tinged, is normal for 1-3 days. ù If you see very red discharge, dripping blood, yellow or green fowl smelling discharge from the incision, please contact our office immediately.
  • She may be sleepy and nauseous this evening. You can offer a small amount of her regular diet, if she does not want it, please take it away. Do not be alarmed if this happens. If she does not eat after 24 hours, please contact our office.
  • Anesthesia as well as the pain medication may slow your pets bowel movements. It may take 3 to 5 days for your pets bowels to return to regular movements.  If after 5 days your pet has not had a bowel movement please call the office.
  • Please do not bathe your dog or allow her stomach to get wet for 10 days to prevent infection. If she excessively licks or chews at her incision site, Please contact our office.
  • Please give all pain medicine as dispensed even if she does not act like she’s in pain. She has been given a laser treatment to decrease inflammation, pain, and to speed her healing.
  • She will need to be seen in 10 days to check her incision and make sure everything is healing as it should.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call our hospital at: (606) 886-3467

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If it is after hours you may also contact Tri-State Animal Emergency at 1-304-453-5700 or Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists and ER at 1-859-268-7604

Thank you for entrusting us with your dogs care. Keeping your fur kids healthy and happy is our entire mission.