5 Ways to Keep Fleas and Ticks Away

5 Ways to Keep Fleas and Ticks Away

Summer is almost here! Unfortunately, along with fun summer activities and trappings, the warm weather brings along some less pleasant things as well, such as fleas and ticks. These disgusting little parasites are more than just itchy nuisances. They can carry dangerous diseases, which can affect both people and pets. Here, a Pikeville, KY vet discusses keeping fleas and ticks away.

Parasite Control Products

Parasite control products are the first, and most powerful, weapon in the war against fleas. There are many different options available today, including topical drops, powders, and shampoos. Ask your vet for specific recommendations, including advice on administering the products. If you notice fleas on your furry pal, don’t double up on parasite control products: this can actually expose your pet to unsafe levels of chemicals. Instead, call your vet and ask for recommendations.


Your vacuum cleaner is also an important tool. Vacuuming regularly will remove both fleas and flea eggs from your carpet and upholstery. Empty the bag or canister immediately after you finish. Seal the contents into a plastic bag, and then dispose of it outside of your house.


Washing your pet’s bedding will also help keep these nasty little bugs away. Use unscented detergent and hot water, and the hottest dryer cycle you have. Fleas and ticks also like to hide in piles of clothing, so be sure to keep dirty clothes off the floor. If your pet’s bed is too big for the washer, you can vacuum it. Depending on the material, you may also be able to run an iron over it, which will help kill fleas and eggs as well.

Yard Work

Did you know that sunlight can dry out fleas and ticks? Trimming back overhanging branches will help control infestations. We also recommend keeping your property free of debris, such as dead leaves and branches. These things can make tempting habitats for parasites! If you have shrubs, trim them back, so that the branches don’t touch your home.

Keep Wild Animals Away

If you have a garden and/or fruit trees, pick up fallen produce. It can attract wild animals, like deer, that carry ticks. Birds can also be infested, so don’t put birdfeeders too close to the house.

Do you have any questions about your pet’s health, behavior, or care? Contact us, your local Pikeville, KY animal clinic, today!

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